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Being part of the Sangha (Community) plays an important role in Zen, as we strive to support one another in the journey of practice. Our practice is strengthened not only by the support we receive, but by the support we give, as expressed in our individual and combined efforts.

In addition to a robust schedule of sittings, retreats, and ceremonies, the Center offers an ever-changing array of social activities, giving us a chance to get to know each other outside the zendo (meditation hall). In taking refuge in Sangha, we’re also committed to supporting a welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and equitable community.

Sangha Groups

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of our Sangha groups, please get in touch with the contact person.

Family Program

Provides opportunities for parents and children to participate in regular activities and special events at the Center and supports families in integrating Buddhist teachings and practice into family life. Learn more “about the Family Program”

Uprooting Racism

Offers a welcoming space and monthly activities in support of growing in our awareness of the realities of living in a racialized society and dismantling it on a personal, institutional, and community level. Learn more “about Uprooting Racism”

The Zen of Living and Dying

Provides spiritual and material support to Sangha members who are dealing with issues of life, death, and illness. Learn more “about the Zen of Living and Dying”


A support and advocacy group for Sangha members with depression and anxiety disorders that meets online approximately every two weeks. Learn more “about DepreshZen”


Current Members

As part of the Center’s ongoing support for Sangha, the Sangha Programs Office will survey members at least every two years to evaluate our current activities as well as our desire to sustain a lively and supportive community.

In the meantime, do you have an idea for a Sangha activity? A group bike ride, a volunteer project, a reading group, a square dance (yes, we once held a square dance!), a tai chi class? Please reach out to the Sangha Programs Office by contacting Sensei Donna Kowal or fill out our Sangha Programs Proposal form. Together, we can make just about anything happen.