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Upcoming Events In-Person

Group photo of sesshin participants

September 23-30, 2023 (Hybrid)

7-Day Sesshin

Sesshins (Zen meditation retreats held in silence and seclusion) are offered about once a month at the Rochester Zen Center. They vary in length from two to seven days.

What to Know Before Applying to Sesshin
Sesshins are rigorous, demanding a great deal of the sitter….

Lotus sculpture found in the Chapin Mill courtyard

October 5-26 (Hybrid)

Fall Term Intensive

Our next Term Intensive (TI) runs October 5 – 26, 2023. The Term Intensive offers us a supportive structure in which to extend our practice efforts for a set period of time. Participants pledge to uphold a schedule of increased sitting and, if they wish, other aspects of discipline that relate directly or indirectly to…

Tuesday October 10 (In-person)

Bodhidharma Day

On Tuesday, October 10, the zendo and adjoining areas will be set up for the annual ceremony honoring Bodhidharma, the “bearded barbarian” who founded Zen in China. Beginning at 7 p.m., we’ll sit for two short rounds, and the ceremony will follow (no dokusan, private instruction, or group instruction that night). Beginners: Come check out…

Photo of Donna-sensei leading a workshop

Saturday October 14 (In-person)

Introduction to Zen: Meditation Workshop

Workshops at the Center: A Practical Introduction to Zen Throughout the year the Rochester Zen Center offers both in-person and online introductory meditation workshops taught either by Sensei John Pulleyn (pronounced “puh-leen“) or Sensei Dhara Kowal, along with senior students. Because getting started in Zen practice isn’t as simple as attending a new church on…

Sunday October 22 (Hybrid)

Extended Sitting

Daily sittings are great, but an extended sitting is a chance to wade further into the waters of zazen. You’ll get a break from stress, a taste of a sesshin day, and maybe even a new perspective on your mind and life. Besides the usual sitting that will run from 8:30 to around 10:30, there…