Photo of the Auckland Zen Centre's altar

The Rochester Zen Center is part of two circles of the larger Buddhist community.

Our inner circle, the Cloud-Water Sangha, is made up of groups led by Dharma successors and students of Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede. It includes centers in Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, and Scandinavia, plus the United States.

The larger network includes sister centers led by students of Roshi Philip Kapleau and his Dharma heirs. They have several locations in the United States, as well as Canada and Scotland.

Cloud-Water Sangha Centers


Berliner Zen-Gruppe

(Berlin Zen Group)
Led by Sensei Robert Goldmann


Casa Zen Mexico

Leadership in transition in the wake of Gerardo-roshi’s recent passing.

New Zealand

Auckland Zen Centre

Led by Roshi Amala Wrightson and Richard von Sturmer
Note: Richard will be sanctioned by Roshi Kjolhede June 30, 2024.


Zenbuddhistiska Samfundet

(Swedish Zen Buddhist Society)
Led by Roshi Kanja Odland and Roshi Sante Poromaa

United States


Rochester Zen Center
RZC at 7 Arnold Park
Near downtown Rochester, NY

Chapin Mill Retreat Center
In Batavia, NY, about half-way between Buffalo and Rochester

Both led by Sensei John Pulleyn and Sensei Dhara Kowal


Cleveland Zazen Group

An RZC affiliate group led by Susan Rakow

Madison Zen Center

Madison, Wisconsin
Led by Sensei Rick Smith


Louisville Zen Center

An RZC affiliate group led by Ven. Jissai Prince-Cherry

Sister Centers


Toronto Zen Centre

Led by Roshi Taigen Henderson


Cloud Water Zen Centre

Led by Sensei Karl Kaliski

United States


Vermont Zen Center

Led by Roshi Sunyana Graef


Chicago Zen Center

Evanston, IL
Led by Sensei Shodhin Geiman


Windhorse Zen Community

Asheville, North Carolina
Led by Roshi Sunya Kjolhede and Roshi Lawson Sachter


Mountain Gate

Ojo Sarco, New Mexico
Led by Roshi Mitra Bishop