Understanding that material aid can sometimes be the most needed expression of compassion, and thanks to a generous donation from a member of the Zen of Living and Dying group, the Sujata Benevolence Fund has been established. It is named after the village girl, Sujata, who gave rice milk to the dying Siddartha, thus saving his life.

The Sujata Benevolence Fund is able to gift small amounts of financial aid to Sangha members in need of basic life necessities, such as food, shelter, and medical supplies. The fund is created by the Sangha for the sole use of Sangha members. To access the fund, for yourself or another, contact either Karen Findling or Joanne Sheldon.

Donations to the fund are most welcome and should be designated for “The Sujata Benevolence Fund.”

Instructions for giving by mail or PayPal are here.