We take refuge in Sangha, and in its wisdom, example and never failing help.

In addition to a robust schedule of sittings, retreats, and ceremonies at the Center, our Sangha Programs Office offers an ever-changing array of social activities, giving us a chance to get to know each other outside the zendo (meditation hall). In taking refuge in Sangha, we’re also committed to supporting a welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and equitable community. To learn more about our vision for Sangha programming, see our value statements and strategic plan below.

Our Values


Our practice and livelihood are nurtured by the support we receive and give. Whether individual or collaborative, service can take many forms, including volunteering on behalf of the Center and the communities we live in, offering care and material aid, and providing spiritual friendship — any contribution in support of the needs of others and the planet.


We commit ourselves to the ongoing work of cultivating a welcoming, safe, and equitable community. On both a personal and collective level, we seek to raise awareness of the social forces and habit patterns that cause bias and division; to own up to our shortcomings as they contribute to suffering (both our own and others’); and to respect and value our differences in an effort to sustain a vibrant, mutually-supportive community.


Love springs from awareness. In all that we do, we strive to interact with others in nonjudgmental awareness and see our Dharma siblings as they truly are, letting go of preferences, prejudices, and past experiences. As vessels for loving kindness and compassion, we commit ourselves to building harmonious relationships — communicating with respect, mutual trust, and love for the individuals with whom we live, work, and practice, including the wider Sangha community that sustains and supports us as we walk the Buddha Way.


RZC Sangha Programs Strategy

Reinforcing Formal Zen Practice by Nourishing an Engaged and Inclusive Community

Sangha Programs Strategy Map