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Sunday July 21

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Saturdays July 6, 13, and 20

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Saturday July 13

Sangha Dinner

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June 25 - June 29, 2019

2019 Chapin Mill Work Retreat


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Photo of entrance to 7 Arnold Park

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June 23, 2019

The Blindness of Other-ist Views

Conceptualizing people of conflicting political views or of different race, ethnicity, or gender as “other” leads us to more easily react with hostility to what they say, especially in the anonymous and reckless world of social media. Based on the age-old Buddhist warning about the harm arising from attachment to views and opinions, Zen practice,...

June 15, 2019

June 2019 Sesshin, Day 7: Blue Cliff Record #44, “Kasan’s ‘Beating the Drum'”

Teisho by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede

June 14, 2019

June 2019 Sesshin, Day 6: Mumonkan #7, “Joshu’s ‘Wash Your Bowl'”

Teisho by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede

June 2, 2019

Practice and Faith Nourishing Each Other

In Zen, faith grows through practice experience, even as faith sustains practice. They co-evolve continuously, sustaining each other. This is Hakuin’s “oneness of cause and effect,” out of which awakening can emerge.

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Our Quarterly Magazine

Zen Bow

Zen Bow is our quarterly publication featuring writings from members of our Sangha

Buddha's flower

From Spring 2019, Vol. XLI, No. 1

Buddha Holds Up a Flower
by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede

Graphic of skull, brain, machine cogs, footprints

From Spring 2019, Vol. XLI, No. 1

Working with Habits
by John Pulleyn

Painting of Nansen and cat by Shōkei

From Winter 2018, Vol. XL, No. 4

Nansen Kills the Cat
by Roshi Philip Kapleau

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