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March 25-April 1, 2023

7 Day Hybrid Sesshin

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RZC’s Training Fund

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Saturday April 8 (In-Person)

Introduction to Zen: Meditation Workshop

Saturday April 8

Finding Your Seat

Sunday April 16

Dharma Reflections

Wednesday April 19

Baseball Viewing Party

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Chapin Mill

Our Retreat Center

A spacious, light-filled setting
designed for meditation practice


Recent Zen Talks

March 21, 2023

A Buddhist View of Non-violence and the War in Ukraine

Talk by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede. Automated Transcript

March 19, 2023

Skillful Effort, Skillful Concentration

Zen practice is a method, not a technique. As a result, practice can sometimes feel frustrating since there’s no step-by-step instruction manual telling us “Exactly What to Do.” (Nor will there ever be.) So how do we practice? Dharma Talk by Ven. Trueman Taylor. Automated Transcript

March 5, 2023

Practicing with Our Whole Being

We’re socially conditioned to lead with the head, however Zen is not a mental activity. How do we get our practice into the body-mind? Teisho by Sensei Donna Kowal. Automated Transcript

February 22, 2023

“Subtle Wisdom” by Master Sheng Yen #1

February 2023 Sesshin, Day 1
Commentary on “Subtle Wisdom: Understanding Suffering, Cultivating Compassion Through Chan Buddhism” by Master Sheng Yen. Teisho by Sensei Donna Kowal. Automated Transcript

February 19, 2023

Practice Off the Mat

Zen practice has the potential to change our lives for the better. So what are we doing when we’re not facing a wall?  Teisho by Sensei John Pulleyn. Automated Transcript

Treasure Trove of Past Talks

Our Quarterly Magazine

Zen Bow

Zen Bow is our quarterly publication featuring writings from members of our Sangha

Painting of Nansen and cat by Shōkei

From Winter 2018, Vol. XL, No. 4

Nansen Kills the Cat
by Roshi Philip Kapleau

Photo of rakusu inscription

From Summer 2018, Vol. XL, No. 2

Harada Tangen Roshi
by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede

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