Photo of cleaning behind the Zen Center's stove

There’s no better way to feel more connected to the Center than to volunteer. No matter how much or little time you have to spare, there’s a volunteer opportunity for you – everything from baking sesshin cookies to gardening, woodworking, dusting, flower arranging, sewing, and the endless construction and maintenance chores required to keep both Arnold Park and Chapin Mill up and running.

For those who live at a distance from the Center, there are also remote volunteer projects, such as writing and research tasks. Tell us about your interests and abilities on our Volunteer Registration Form.

Another way to serve the Center is by volunteering to lead a Sangha activity or event, whether in-person or online. A film discussion, a game night, a crafts hour, a group activity in support of a community organization? Reach out to the Sangha Programs Office by filling out our Sangha Programs Proposal form.

Together, we can make just about anything happen.