Photo of large zendo

Zen practice has always been based on individual effort, and the mission of the Rochester Zen Center, for more than 50 years, is to help you in that effort. By joining the Center, you’re pooling your efforts with those of like-minded others. The more you’re able to participate in sittings and Zen Center activities, the more support you draw from others – and, just as important, the more you support them. Membership also gives you the chance to work directly with our teachers and discover if one of them is the right teacher for you.

If you haven’t yet attended an introductory workshop, check the Center’s calendar for the next opportunity. After the workshop, you can get detailed information on becoming a Zen Center member.  And once you’ve been to a workshop, you’re welcome to attend any scheduled sitting.  If you’re new to the Center, here’s a rough guide to some first steps

Once you’ve been to a workshop, you may become a member at any time.