Exterior photo of main building at Chapin Mill Retreat CenterWalkway at Chapin Mill Retreat CenterMeditation Hall at Chapin Mill Retreat Center

Chapin Mill is a 135-acre country property that was donated to the Rochester Zen Center by Ralph Chapin, one of its founding members. Ralph’s vision of the land as a site for Zen training matched the decades-long dream of the Zen Center to establish a rural retreat center. 

The multi-building complex includes a commercial kitchen, magnificent gathering spaces with reclaimed beams, and dormitory accommodations for more than 50 people. The crown jewel of the facility is the zendo: a space that was designed specifically for meditation. With dozens of windows opening to the fresh air and  tranquil sounds of the countryside, it is an ideal setting for quieting the mind.

The Zen Center occasionally rents Chapin Mill to other religious organizations for spiritual retreats. For more information, please contact Eryl Kubicka (eryl@rzc.org).