Zen practice has always been based on a strong effort by the individual. The mission of the Rochester Zen Center is to help you in that effort. By joining the Center, you’re pooling your efforts with those of like-minded others. The more you’re able to participate in sittings and Zen Center activities, the more support you draw from others – and, just as important, the more you can provide support to them. Membership also gives you the chance to work directly with Roshi Kjolhede and discover if he’s the right teacher for you.

If you haven’t yet attended an introductory workshop, check the Center’s calendar for the next opportunity (they’re being held via Zoom during the pandemic). At the conclusion of the workshop detailed information on membership will be available to those who are interested. If you have attended a workshop and are ready to join the Center, you may submit a membership application and pledge form at any time.

The Center offers a number of ways that new members can engage with each other, both on and off the mat. On Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings the rounds of sitting are shorter than usual, and refreshments are served afterwards to provide an opportunity to get to know other members. And the Sangha Engagement Committee organizes a stream of potlucks, lectures, trips, and other activities.