Next date offered: May 4, 2024

At our Introduction to Zen Meditation workshops, we cover the basics of zazen: posture, breath practice, and kinhin (walking meditation). In Zen 101, we discuss the more outward forms of Zen practice such as: 

  • Prostrations: How do we do them and why? 
  • Traditional Zen chanting. 
  • Getting acquainted with some Zen terminology (e.g., Bodhisattva, Jukai, Rakusu, etc.). 
  • Ceremonies throughout the year (Jukai, Bodhidharma Day, the Buddha’s Birthday, etc.). 
  • What else would you like to know? A question-and-answer session. 

The program is free and is held at the Zen Center, 7 Arnold Park, at 11am. You’re also invited to attend the informal sitting in the zendo (meditation hall) at noon, as well as lunch at 12:30. If you are interested in attending, please rsvp ( by Friday, noon, so we can get a head count for those attending lunch. 

Finally, if you can’t make it in person, it will be broadcast on Zoom. Contact Jissai ( for the codes.