Ceremony of Aid, Thursday, November 16

Tonight, we’ll sit for two rounds followed by the Ceremony of Aid (more details here). As usual, you can listen in on the audio livestream or join on Zoom.

Each year, on this Thursday before Thanksgiving, we have a day of fasting here at the Center, and during the ceremony there’s an opportunity to make a monetary donation. This year, the Center will pass donations on to the Rochester Mutual Aid Network (RMAN), and match donations up to $500.

If you can’t attend the ceremony in-person, you can donate to RMAN directly by clicking here. If you forward your donation receipt to our bookkeeper, Mitchell, the Center will match it.

Ceremony of Gratitude, Sunday, November 19

Thanksgiving is arguably the most Buddhist of national holidays – a time when we pause to contemplate everything we are grateful for. Our annual Ceremony of Gratitude will take place this Sunday. Zazen will begin at 8:30 am and the ceremony follows at 9:30 am in the Arnold Park zendo.

The Link altar will include baskets for food offerings to be donated to St. Andrews Food Cupboard, which you can bring with you on Sunday. (Non-perishable food – canned or boxed – is best, and winter clothing is also needed.) Here is a list of requested donations by St. Andrews.

During the Ceremony of Gratitude, offerings will be made by and on behalf of the Sangha, and both in-person and online participants are invited to write statements of gratitude that are read aloud during the ceremony. There will also be an opportunity for those in the zendo as well as those online to speak and highlight what they a thankful for this year. Refreshments will be served after the ceremony.

The sitting and ceremony will be audio livestreamed and broadcast on Zoom. Family, friends, and children are all welcome to attend in-person or online. Contact Jissai for Zoom access.

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Center, Thursday, November 23

We’re just beginning to generate a list of participants for our annual Thanksgiving dinner here at the Center. You can sign up using a sheet posted in the Link or call the Center. Please bring a vegetarian dish, hand-made or store-bought, to share. The potluck dinner begins at 4 pm in the dining room at Arnold Park, but you’re welcome to come by earlier in the afternoon (say, from 1 pm on) to socialize.

Other Upcoming Activities

Saturday, November 18:

Sunday, November 19:

Subscribe to the Rochester Zen Center YouTube Channel

Our long-dormant YouTube channel will spring to life in the coming weeks as we experiment with livestreaming sittings from Arnold Park. To lift restrictions, though, we’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers. We now have about 980 – we’re almost there. Click here to subscribe. While you’re visiting the channel, take a look at our collection of videos. They’re oldies, but goodies!

We’re also looking for a Sangha member that can give our Tech Team a crash course in livestreaming on YouTube. If you know the ins and outs of YT, contact Jissai to schedule a tutoring session.