Ordination of Dhara-sensei

This past Sunday, Sensei Donna Kowal was ordained by Bodhin-roshi as a Zen Buddhist priest and received the Dharma name Dhara (pronounced DAH-RAH). Dhara is a Sanskrit name that means continuous flow or stream. It also means earth, as in that which sustains and upholds.

If you missed the ordination ceremony, it can be viewed here.

New Sangha Harm/Harassment Reporting Process

The Center is committed to sustaining a safe environment for Zen practice and Sangha engagement. To this end, our Ethics and Advisory Committee has developed a new reporting process and flowchart in the event any Sangha member experiences potentially harmful behavior (including but not limited to sexual harassment) within the context of the Center’s Sangha, whether on or off the Center’s premises. This information is available on our website here and is posted in print at both locations. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the process.

Note that the flowchart identifies the following individuals who are prepared to receive reports and guide Sangha members through a process designed to maintain confidentiality as much as possible: Cecily Fuhr, Eryl Kubicka, and James Thompson. The process outlined in the flowchart includes the option of a designated advocate for all parties involved.

If you have any questions about the reporting process or if at any point you feel the need to report an incident, you may email any one of these individuals directly, or send a message to all of them at once at reports@rzc.org.

Calendar Change: No Dokusan Next Week

Dhara-sensei will be away during the week beginning August 13. She and her husband Tom will be on vacation, taking advantage of an invitation to stay at a cottage located on Lake Ontario.

The next dokusan will be the evening of Monday, August 21. Note that it is the last dokusan before the Center’s annual two-week break (Center closed: August 23 to September 5).

Sunday, August 13, Extended Sitting, 6:15 am – 3:00 pm

In addition to the sitting that runs from 8:30 to about 10:30 am (no teisho), there will be three other blocks of formal sitting, with the first beginning at 6:15 am. Private Instruction will be offered during the third block. Click here for the extended sitting schedule.

Other Upcoming Activities & Events

Sunday, August 20, Founder’s Day: Roshi Philip Kapleau’s Birthday

As part of our annual remembrance of Roshi Philip Kapleau, we’ll have our usual 8:30 am sitting at Arnold Park and listen to one of his recorded teishos. Join us afterwards for a special brunch that will include a Roshi Kapleau-inspired icebreaker activity!