Rochester Zen Center Procedure for Reporting Harassment or Abuse

The Rochester Zen Center is committed to keeping our Sangha a safe place for practice and community engagement. To this end, our Ethics and Advisory Committee has established the following reporting process and flowchart in the event any Sangha member experiences potentially harmful behavior (including but not limited to racial and sexual harm) within the context of the Center’s Sangha, whether on or off the premises of Arnold Park and Chapin Mill.

Any member of the Rochester Zen Center (RZC) who has been sexually or otherwise harassed or abused (the “reporter”) by another member (the “respondent”), whether or not the harm doer is part of the Center leadership or staff, may report such incident(s) to any of the individuals named below (the “receivers”):

  • Cecily Fuhr
  • Eryl Kubicka
  • James Thompson

At the option of the reporter, their report will be treated confidentially by the receiver, except in cases in which the receiver is required by law or ethical obligation to report such incident(s) to responsible legal or other authorities.

If the reporter and receiver so agree, the report will be referred to the RZC Ethics and Advisory Committee (EAC) for consideration, investigation, and further action, as appropriate. The reporter and the respondent may each appoint an advocate to represent and/or counsel them in their communications with the EAC; alternatively, either or both may request that the EAC endeavor to provide them with such an advocate. The EAC may refer the matter to the RZC Board of Trustees for ultimate determination if it believes that the respondent should be sanctioned. The EAC will endeavor to provide the reporter with confidentiality, with the proviso that as more people become aware of any situation, confidentiality becomes harder to maintain. Any report which is referred to the EAC, and the outcome thereof, shall be memorialized in a confidential written record to be maintained by the EAC.

If the reporter so wishes, the EAC may endeavor to provide a forum for reconciliation between the reporter and the respondent.

To contact the receivers, feel free to reach out to them individually or email the group at

Flowchart of how to report harassment or abuse at RZC
Printable PDF of Flowchart