Trying to get your Zen practice going, but aren’t quite there yet? Or your practice is going, but it isn’t as regular as you’d like it to be?  Still wondering about certain zendo protocols? Or do you have some posture questions? Then the Finding Your Seat (FYS) program is for you!

FYS meets most Saturdays from 11 am to noon via Zoom. It’s super informal and a nice way to get to know people and ask questions.  You may come to one session or as many as you like.  Anyone who has attended (or plan to attend) an Introductory workshop, whether you’ve become a member yet or not, is welcome.

Sessions are led by senior students, prepared to answer questions, offer advice and encouragement, and lead a short round of sitting. FYS meetings are responsive to the needs of participants, so don’t hesitate to tell us what you would like to know or practice doing.  Contact Jissai ( for Zoom access.