Joining the 2-day Sesshin on Zoom (May 5-7)

While sesshin is underway at Chapin Mill, you can still join the in-person sittings at Arnold Park (note: there will be no sitting Friday night, May 5). Refer to the weekly schedule here for the days and times.

The regular schedule for morning and evening Zoom sittings is suspended during sesshin. However, even if you’re not signed up for sesshin, you’re welcome to join any block of sitting (though without Private Instruction) in our usual Zoom room. The 2-day sesshin schedule is posted here.


With Donna-sensei picking up the baton from John-sensei as presiding teacher for the next six months, she is offering dokusan at the usual times at Arnold Park: Monday evening, Wednesday morning, and Thursday evening, plus the occasional Saturday at 10 am for those who are unable to attend sittings during the week.
At Chapin Mill, she gives dokusan during Thursday morning sittings. Folks who are only available for online dokusan are welcome to schedule it with her via email.

During his “off period,” John-sensei is still available for online dokusan, and may occasionally offer it in-person at Arnold Park. From time to time, he will also give teisho on Sunday mornings. As always, check the calendar, RZC homepage, and Sangha emails to stay informed of the schedule for a given week.

Private Instruction

Private Instruction, which is given by a senior student, is offered on Tuesday evenings at Arnold Park and Chapin Mill, Friday evenings on Zoom, as well as during Sunday extended sittings. Tom Kowal, who now serves as Head of Zendo at Chapin Mill, has been added to the mix. If you’re not available for in-person Private Instruction, you may contact any one of the following individuals to arrange for an online meeting:

  • Tom Kowal
  • Eryl Kubicka
  • Wayman Kubicka
  • Jissai Prince-Cherry
  • Trueman Taylor

Other Upcoming Activities