A photo of the Chapin Mill pond

A 135-acre country property with a spring-fed mill pond, the original grist mill, large meadows, walking trails, and more.

Chapin Mill, a 135-acre country property, was donated to the Rochester Zen Center by the late Ralph Chapin, a founding member of the Center, in 1996. Ralph’s vision of the land as a site for meditation practice matched the decades-long dream of the Zen Center to establish a rural retreat center.

The grounds include a spring-fed mill pond and the original grist mill built in 1811. Perennial beds and native plants line many of the walkways, and large meadows provide habitat for migrating species of birds and butterflies. The grounds also feature a swimming area, an orchard, and walking trails through the wooded areas and wetlands.

Path to the Retreat Center entrance
Path with bridge over Bigelow Creek
Chapin Pond in the summer
Chapin Pond in the autumn
The orchard in late summer
The orchard in winter
Road at sunset
Winter splendor
Retreat Center autumn folliage
Path to the Mill House
The Mill House waterfall
The Mill House (built in 1811)
Philip Kapleau’s grave (with grist mill stone)
The grave in winter