This year, in the midst of the pandemic,  we’re grateful we can come together with Sangha to welcome the New Year. We’ll begin with zazen at 8 pm and follow a modified schedule that will take us to midnight. Whether you plan to sit with us all night or just for one or more blocks, you’re welcome to join us on Zoom. If you need the meeting ID and password, email Jissai at

8:00 – 9:45 pm Zazen
9:45 ~ 10:15 Ceremony of Taking the Precepts
10:15 – 10:30 Tea break
10:30 X 108 Big Bell begins
10:30 – 11:37 Zazen
11:35 X 108 Big Bell ends
11:37 – 11:45 Chanting
11:45 – Midnight Candle lighting Circumambulation & Vow of Awakening
Midnight Auld Lang Syne

“Happy New Year!”