John-sensei Giving Dokusan Tonight, Thursday, April 25

Sensei John Pulleyn will be offering dokusan this evening. Dhara-sensei, who usually gives dokusan on Thursday evenings, will be at Madison Zen Center assisting Bodhin-roshi with a Zen teacher sanctioning ceremony. And speaking of the ceremony…

Zen Teacher Sanctioning Ceremony, Saturday, April 27, 1:15 pm

This ceremony for Rick Smith, a longtime group leader at the Madison Zen Center, will be streamed live on Zoom.   Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede will lead the way starting at 1:15 Eastern (12:15 pm Central). Join us if you’d like to attend. The ceremony will also be recorded for viewing later.

Zazen and Teisho by John-sensei: Sunday, April 28

At 8:30 am in the zendo at Arnold Park, we’ll have one extended round of sitting with a bell at the half-way point for a posture change, followed by kinhin, a short chanting service, and then John-sensei’s teisho. You can join for any or all of it on Zoom.

Other Upcoming Activities

Zen 101, Saturday, May 4, 11:00 am

At our Introduction to Zen Meditation workshops, we cover the basics of zazen: posture, breath practice, and kinhin (walking meditation). Zen 101 is designed for people who would like to continue on and sit with us at the Center. We’ll cover the more outward forms of Zen practice such as:

  • Prostrations: How do we do them and why?
  • Traditional Zen chanting
  • Getting acquainted with some Zen terminology (e.g., Bodhisattva, Jukai, Rakusu, etc.)
  • Ceremonies throughout the year (Jukai, Bodhidharma Day, the Buddha’s Birthday, etc.)
  • What else would you like to know? A question-and-answer session.

The program is free and held at the Zen Center, 7 Arnold Park, at 11am. You’re also invited to attend the informal sitting in the zendo (meditation hall) at noon, as well as lunch at 12:30. If you are interested in attending, please rsvp by Friday, noon, so we can get a head count for those attending lunch.

Finally, if you can’t make it in person, it will be broadcast on Zoom. Contact Jissai for the codes.

Coming Soon: Chapin Mill Work Retreat, May 10-12

There will be two Chapin Mill Work Retreats this year: May 10-12 and July 5-7. The aim of the retreat is to work together on upkeep of the buildings and grounds – and at the same time to intensify our meditation practice and enjoy the beauty of Chapin Mill.

You’re welcome to come for all or part of the retreat. Simply complete the Chapin Mill Work Retreat Form to let us know when you’d like to come, any physical limitations you have, and skills you’d like to contribute. There’s no fee for the retreat although donations for food are welcome (suggested donation: $20/day).

Save the Date: Bias Workshop

Finally, we have a date for the Bias Workshop: Saturday, September 21. Details coming soon.