The Blue Cliff Record (Japanese: Hekiganroku) is a collection of Zen koans originally compiled in Song China in 1125. For more information, see Wikipedia.

The following are commentaries by Rochester Zen Center teachers, including Roshi Philip Kapleau and Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede.


Case Number 3

Blue Cliff Record #3: “Baso’s Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha”

Recorded in Auckland on March 10 and played in the Rochester zendo on April 5. Teisho by Sensei Amala Wrightson.

Case Number 21

Case Number 38

Teisho by Roshi Kapleau: Hekiganroku #38, “Fuketsu and the Dharma Seal”

From December 1979 Sesshin, Day 7. Played on Founder’s Day – August 14, 2022. Teisho by Roshi Philip Kapleau.  Automated Transcript

Case Number 55

Blue Cliff Record #55, “Dogo’s ‘I Won’t Say'”

The relative nature of the terms “living” and “dead,” and how one monk’s struggle with them led him to enlightenment. Teisho by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede.

Case Number 86

Hekiganroku #86, Ummon’s “Everybody has their own light”

November 2022 Sesshin, Day 6
Description: What is my light? Why can’t I see it? How do I stop objectifying myself and those around me? Source(s): The Golden Age of Zen by John C.H. Wu, Doubleday 1996. Teisho by Roshi Amala Wrightson.  Automated Transcript

Case Number 87

Blue Cliff Record #87: “Medicine and Sickness Correspond to Each Other”

Instead of engaging the coronavirus simply on a “war” footing, can we see ways in which it is educating us–right now? A pandemic reveals the consequences of our misuses of the natural world and the dis-ease we incur through the illusion of separation. Teisho by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede.