• e.g., she/her, he/him, they/them
    For shared rooms, which room assignment best suits your gender?
  • (e.g., single, married, partnered, divorced)
  • Briefly describe any accommodations you would like to request (e.g., full-time use of a chair for meditation, use of hearing assistance technology). Please note: If you have a food allergy, you should also communicate this information directly to the Head Cook.
  • Listed below are typical work activities at the Center. Fill out any with which you've had experience.

  • Medical Information (please answer in detail)

    The following medical questions will help us understand any difficulties that may arise in your training and meditation practice. This information will be kept confidential. Please notify the Head of Zendo if any of your answers change later.
  • Please send separately a statement detailing why you wish to participate in training at the Center. Also send a current photograph if we don't yet have one. Either email and jpeg or snail mail are OK. Standard training fees, payable on arrival, are $100 (for the first training program you take part in) as well as $15 (non-members $25) for the first 21 days only. If the fees are a financial hardship, please call the Center, and we will try to accommodate you.