Weather permitting, we’re all  invited to get together outdoors in the back yard of 7 Arnold Park at 1 pm on Saturday. Here’s the original emailed invitation with details:

In Lieu of Our Annual Picnic…

Like so many events on the Center’s 2020 calendar, our late-summer annual picnic has been cancelled this year. But what’s to stop us from gathering at the Center at a safe distance? For those who would like to be able to chat outdoors with others in the Sangha while enjoying a BYO sandwich or other light fare (or not), come to the spacious back gardens of 5-7 Arnold Park on Saturday, August 29, at 1:00. (Though our usual late-summer picnic is always at Chapin Mill, since Arnold Park is a closer location for most local members, it is likely to draw more people.)

With regrets, this low-key event will have to be off-limits to young children due to the challenges of their maintaining social distance and mask hygiene. (Also, we ask that you leave your pets at home.) And there will be no food or beverages served. But for responsible adults who miss seeing other Sangha members in real life, rather than online, this low-key gathering could prove to be a buoying experience before the colder months arrive. 

Unfortunately, the weather is looking pretty iffy, so check here ahead of time, and we’ll let you know if we need to change the date!