Roberta Kurland

Sad news: long-time Center member and sesshin veteran Roberta Kurland died after having a stroke this past Tuesday evening. Her attendance at dozens of 7-day sesshins will serve her well in her passage through the bardo (the intermediate stage of existence between death and rebirth). Trueman Taylor is in contact with her son, Samuel, and will be talking to him about an upcoming memorial service.

This Weekend: Finding Your Seat and Dharma Talk

After a three week hiatus, Finding Your Seat will resume Saturday morning, October 16, at 11:00 EDT (online only). The next day, October 17, Eryl Kubicka will give a Dharma Talk.

Teachers’ Fund

It seems that the Teachers’ Fund (formerly called the Abbot’s Fund) just keeps growing. Sangha members who might not otherwise be able to afford sesshin or training-program fees may request aid from this fund from either John-sensei or Bodhin-roshi. And if the teachers feel the applicant is ready to benefit from sesshin or training, they will surely grant the aid. Why? Because readiness plus the willingness to undertake the rigors of sesshin or residential training equals proof enough that the applicant deserves the financial support.

Roshi’s Move

Yesterday morning, Roshi and his wife Angela set off to their new home in Sarasota, Florida, for the winter. Once Roshi gets his Wi-Fi set up and is unpacked there, he looks forward to resuming online dokusan.

ASL Interpretation for Rev. Myra Brown’s Talk, October 20

We’re happy to announce that we’ve secured ASL (American Sign Language) interpretation for Rev. Myra Brown’s upcoming talk as part of Uprooting Racism’s Speaker Series on Wednesday, October 20, from 7:00-8:30 pm EDT. Free “tickets” are available here. Please feel free to share this information with anyone who might benefit from attending.