Remember Youth Jukai

Buddha’s Birthday weekend officially starts on Friday, May 28, at 5:45 pm with Youth Jukai in the Buddha Hall. Refreshments for children will follow immediately after the ceremony outside. Contact Trueman for more information.

Zen of Living and Dying, Sunday at 11:00

Every few weeks after the Sunday morning sitting, a group of Sangha members meets to provide support for each other while dealing with issues of life, death, and illness. If you’re interested in attending Zen of Living and Dying meetings, contact Eryl Kubicka.

Memorial Celebration for Sonam Targee

This Sunday afternoon, May 22, at 2:00 there will be a celebration of Sonam’s life in Ellison Park’s Hazelwood Grove Lodge. Sonam was a longtime participant in the Buddha’s Birthday band; he died recently of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Guests are invited to bring a musical instrument.

Responding to the May 14 Shooting in Buffalo

Uprooting Racism, the Zen Center’s antiracism group, stands in solidarity with the overwhelmingly Black victims of the white supremacist attack at the Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, as well as the many onlookers, family, and community members bereaved and harmed by this act of violence. This calculated attack was initially planned to take place in Rochester.

Learn more about Uprooting Racism’s work here, and please consider participating in our upcoming events, including a special film discussion on Wednesday, June 22.

Sangha Member Luka Häkkilä in Search of Summer Housing

Interested in an unobtrusive, COVID-cautious summer roommate who’s a sesshin “veteran” and is a great cook? Luka Häkkilä is looking for somewhere to live over the summer, starting as soon as the end of May or as late as mid-June. Please email them with any leads.

Road Repairs at Chapin Mill

After more than twenty years of traffic, the road at Chapin Mill is in need of some attention. A paving crew is scheduled to do repair work this Thursday and Friday, May 26 and 27. However, the weather and other circumstances could push it to the following week. If you plan to visit Chapin Mill during this time, you may want to contact Tom Kowal first to confirm that you will be able to drive down.