Roshi’s Return

Roshi (and his wife Angela) are booked to return to Rochester on April 30, and he’ll be back in the saddle then through October.

Roshi Dokusan Suspended

Roshi and Angela (joined by Gerardo-sensei) will be in Mexico for a week from April 2 (the last day of sesshin) through April 9. In Roshi’s words, “I would consider giving a few dokusans a day while there, but because of unknowns (our schedule while there, internet connections, living space, noise from Mariachi bands), it’s better that I suspend dokusan that week.” For those who want to schedule dokusan with him, then, his next availability will be on Monday, April 11.

Zen Bow

The Winter 2022 issue of Zen Bow is now available on the Center’s website. Check it out!

Rakusu Sewing Class

Have you tried sewing a rakusu, but don’t understand the instructions? Or have questions but don’t know who to turn to? Jan Kious is here to help!

Join our two hour Zoom class, once a week, for 5 weeks. If you are interested, contact Jan and let her know if you have access to a sewing machine – expert tip: some libraries will let you borrow them. Once Jan has heard from those who are interested in participating, she’ll schedule times and dates for the class.

Joining the 7-day Sesshin (March 26-April 2) on Zoom

The regular schedule for morning and evening Zoom sittings is suspended during sesshin. However, even if you’re not signed up for sesshin, you’re welcome to join any block of sitting (though without dokusan) in our usual Zoom room. If you do join us, please log on before a block begins or during a kinhin to minimize distraction. Likewise, if you cannot stay for an entire block, exit Zoom during one of the kinhins whenever possible. Here is the schedule so you know what times to enter and join (the rounds are 35-minutes long with a 7-minute kinhin in between). Note: Sensei’s teishos will also be streamed on Mixlr, where the sound is a bit better. The regular schedule of Zoom sittings will resume Monday, April 4, at 7 am.

Dharma Reflections, Sunday, April 3, 1 pm

I take refuge in Buddha,
I take refuge in Dharma,
I take refuge in Sangha.

Dharma Reflections, a monthly group led by longtime member Larry McSpadden, is a wonderful introduction to Buddhist writings and teachings in a friendly, relaxed space. All are welcome. Click here for more information and to register for a free “ticket” to the event on Eventbrite.

The discussion on April 3 will be on Taking Refuge / The Three Treasures [Jewels]: Overview.