Zazen and Dharma Talk This Sunday, March 20

This Sunday Trueman Taylor will give a Dharma talk after morning zazen. As usual, we’ll start at 8:30 with a 50-minute round with a bell at the half-way point for posture change. The round is followed by kinhin, a short chanting service, and the Dharma talk. You’re invited to join us in-person at Arnold Park, on Zoom, or via our audio livestream.

Youth Sunday

Parents, this Sunday, March 20, is another opportunity to drop off your kids and join the zendo for zazen and the Dharma talk! We’ll meet at 8:30 am in the backyard of Arnold Park, near the community space; you’ll be able to pick up your children in the same place afterwards at 10:30. Families are also invited to stay for the 10:30 brunch.

Starting this month, and for the next few months, the Youth and Family Program will be focusing on the Ten Paramitas: Generosity, Moral Conduct, Renunciation, Wisdom, Energy, Patience, Truth, Determination, Loving-Kindness, and Equanimity. For each scheduled Sunday, we will review one of these paramitas and engage in learning activities related to it. The youth program also includes other activities such as a greeting circle, altar set-up, meditation, chanting, storytelling, crafting, games, and unstructured play.

Since we anticipate a wide range of ages, please RSVP by Friday evening to help us plan accordingly. Just email Chris Maley. And, if you would like to be on our Youth and Family Program’s email list, let Chris know.

Zen of Living and Dying, This Sunday, March 20, 11 am (on Zoom)

Every couple of weeks or so, after the Sunday morning sitting and brunch, a group of Sangha members meets to provide support for each other while dealing with issues of life, death, and illness. If you’re interested in attending ZLD meetings, contact Eryl Kubicka.

New Teacher in the Cloud-Water Sangha

Last month, on Saturday, February 26, Roshi Sante Poromaa (co-teacher of Zengården, Sweden, and a Dharma heir of Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede) held an inka (Dharma transmission) ceremony for Sensei Sangen Salo at the Helsinki Zen Center in Finland. Sangen-sensei began practice in 2004, and was given permission to teach in 2018. Since the summer of 2020, he has worked at the Helsinki Zen Center, where he resides permanently. Sensei Sangen Salo is now an official teacher in the Kapleau lineage.