Ongoing C-virus Issues

Please stand by one more day for a schedule for remote dokusan and private instruction. We had a detailed message half-written today before getting an influx of breaking news and morphing guidelines regarding staff living restrictions, which plunged Roshi and his advisers into more meetings.

Regarding live streaming of sittings, the regular schedule of morning and evening sittings (for staff only) has continued at the Center, and the staff will now be capitalizing on the crisis by increasing their sitting time as a way of building calm and clarity for themselves as well as others.

Tuesday evenings: For those who want to live stream, starting tonight, March 17, the lighter sitting schedule of Beginner’s Night will be replaced by the standard Monday-, Thursday-, and Friday-night schedule: that is, three 35-minute rounds of zazen, 7 – 9 pm. This will be the Tuesday evening schedule until further notice.

June 7-day Sesshin
Roshi and Amala-sensei have been talking by phone, and agree that in the unlikely event that the June 6-13 sesshin still takes place, Roshi will conduct it instead of Amala-sensei, to make up for the cancelled March sesshin. But beyond June is anyone’s guess.