Live Streaming Is Back Up

Mixlr, the live-audio broadcast service used to stream the Center’s formal sittings, is back up and running after resolving its server problems. (Mixlr went down last week and took much longer than expected to restore service.) So for the rest of this week, we’ll be streaming audio from formal sittings in the Chapin Mill zendo during the Work Retreat. Here’s a link to the schedule. And remember, you can still come to all or part of the Work Retreat, even if you haven’t signed up in advance. If all or part of a day opens up for you, just e-mail John Pulleyn ( You’re also welcome to drive out for formal sittings (there’s one every evening).

Private and Group Instruction at Arnold Park This Evening

During the Chapin Mill Work Retreat, we’ll continue the regular schedule of formal sittings at Arnold Park. This evening, Tuesday, June 25, both private instruction (daisan) and group instruction will be offered at Arnold Park.

House for Rent Across from Chapin Mill

Tom Kowal tells us that half of a new duplex right across Seven Springs Road from Chapin Mill is for rent. If you’re interested, call (585)-356-4631. Here’s a photo of the house.