Roshi’s CoronaCast: July 23, 2020.

Upcoming Sesshins

We’re looking to schedule sesshins beyond the one next week led by Amala-sensei (for which there’s still time to apply). Our beloved in-person 7-day sesshins are not likely to be back until 2021, but we’ll continue to offer sesshins via Zoom . . . starting with a September 2-day sesshin led by Trueman Taylor (date to be announced).

The next online sesshin of at least four days will fall during the week of October 3-10. But which of those days, exactly? Give us your input. Assuming for now that the sesshin is 4-5 days long, should it span a weekend (either the 3rd-4th or 10th-11th)? For family and job reasons, how many people, we wonder, would prefer instead to stick with weekdays only – say, Monday through Friday?

To many prospective sesshin participants it may make no difference. Please email Trueman if you have a preference, but if no consensus emerges, we’ll probably stick with Monday-Friday.