Memorial Service for Cynthia Seefeld, Sunday, August 12, 11:00 am

Sangha member Cynthia Seefeld passed away early Friday morning in her hometown of Milwaukee. She had entered hospice the week before at her residence, Eastcastle Place, a retirement living community. Many of us here remember her, as she spent a full sixteen years on staff. There will be a memorial service for Cynthia this Sunday at 11:00 am.

Looking for Volunteers

It’s terrific weather for things that grow, and yard work is piling up here at the Center. If you have any time to spare, contact Josh Groves (473-9180 or

Trueman Giving Private Instruction

Starting this Friday, August 10, Ven. Trueman Taylor will be worked into the rotation for leading Private Instruction at Arnold Park. Private Instruction is a chance for members (and trial members) to raise issues about basics such as posture, breathing, and first-koan practice, as well as more personal (and interpersonal) matters relating to practice. Generally, Private Instruction presents more time to discuss such things than is available in dokusan. 

Trueman will alternate with John Pulleyn on Tuesday evenings, and with Eryl Kubicka on Friday evenings. This means that each of the three will be offering it once a week.

Naturally, people who want to seek the counsel of John or Eryl in weeks when they’re not offering Private Instruction may still do so by setting up appointments with them on their own.

Save the Date                 

If you like food or people (or possibly both), mark your calendar for Saturday, August 18. We’ll be heading out to Chapin Mill for our annual picnic! Details to come…

Sangha Car for Sale

Angela Hakkila is looking to sell a 1992 Honda Accord LX with minimal rust (it has lived most of its life in New Mexico). There are 169,215 miles on the odometer, and the car is in “Good” condition, going by Kelley Blue Book standards. Air conditioning and heating both work well. Angela has lots of documentation on past repairs and had the car worked on most recently in early summer 2017.

She’s asking $1400 (or best offer), slightly below the middle of the Blue Book range for this car in this condition ($925-$1954). It is still registered in New Mexico, so if you buy it, you’ll need to register it in New York and get a safety inspection. Anyone interested can contact Angela at to set up a time to look it over (a couple days’ notice would be helpful).