Ken Kraft Memorial Service

On Saturday, May 4, at 3:30 pm, there will be a memorial service for Kenneth Kraft, who died last fall. Ken was a member of the Center for almost 50 years, and proved to be a valuable resource to us as a Zen Bow contributor, a member of the Center’s Board of Trustees, and in questions of Japanese translations. He was a professor of Buddhist studies and Japanese religions who also taught environmental ethics, and was the author of several books on Zen and contemporary Buddhism. He is sorely missed, most of all by those of us who personally knew him.

Ken’s family and some friends and colleagues will be coming from out of state, and those in the Sangha are also welcome. For the memorial service as well as for the reception at the Center that follows, we need to know how many to expect. So please, let the Center know by May 1st if you plan to attend.