This Week’s CoronaCast

“Hot off the press,” here’s the latest: CoronaCast from Roshi: April 15

Zooming Cross-Legged

To call the morning sittings we’ve been having via Zoom the greatest discovery since the wheel would be an exaggeration. But it is a terrific new way of keeping the Wheel of the Dharma turning during this period of lockdown, especially for out-of-town members.

Each day some forty participants have made it to our virtual zendo in time for the three bells that kick off the sitting at 7 am (EDT). Ever wonder where, exactly, people settle in while sitting at home? Come see your Dharma sisters and brothers in their natural zazen habitats – bedrooms, living rooms, attics, porches, and basements. And hear some stirring sounds from those home zendos – this morning it was the cries of seagulls at the Atlantic shore, where longtime member Phil Swanson sits every day. (To avoid cacophonous ambient noise during the sittings, only the host and a couple of other participants are left unmuted. But the unmuted sitters can be rotated, so as we draw deeper into spring and more people have their windows open, expect to hear the sounds of inland birds as well!)

For people who would want Zoomed sittings in the evening, those may not be far off.

Zoom All-day Sitting This Sunday.

This Sunday, April 19, the first online all-day sitting will occur, using both Zoom (for zazen) and the Center’s audio livestream (for teisho). Private Instruction will also be offered during the late-morning and afternoon zazen blocks. If you’re interested or have any questions, email Trueman to arrange an appointment and discuss format (FaceTime, Skype, etc.). Here is the schedule with additional information:

Schedule Online Platform
6:15 am Zazen Zoom
7:30 Breakfast  
8:30 Zazen Zoom
~9:25 Teisho RZC Streaming Audio
~10:30 Mid-morning break  
11:00 Zazen & Private Instruction Zoom
12:50 Lunch  
1:30-3:30 Zazen & Private Instruction, ending with the Four Vows Zoom

If this is the first time that you are using zoom, you can find the instructions in the Sangha email (April 9).