Center on Break

The Center’s winter break begins tomorrow, December 20, and will run through Wednesday, December 28.

The zendos at Arnold Park and Chapin Mill are open to members during the break (although the heat at Chapin Mill will be turned down very low to conserve energy). Zoom sittings will continue uninterrupted, except for Christmas morning. Check the online calendar if you’re unsure about the schedule.

Schedule for New Year’s

Once the Center reopens, we’ll be gearing up for New Year’s. The evening starts at 8 pm and runs through midnight. We’ll be doing plenty of zazen as well as chanting and a repentance and a candle lighting ceremony. If you’re not able to make it by 8:00, but would like to be here for the finale, it’s OK to arrive (or to leave for that matter) at the tea and coffee break that starts at around 10 pm.

Here is the full schedule of New Year’s Activities for 2023 – 2024.