COVID Update

A heads-up that two Sangha members who attended sittings at Arnold Park over the past week have tested positive, and Dhara-sensei is one of them. Both have relatively mild symptoms. Since transmission likely transpired during the Ceremony of Aid (Thursday) or Ceremony of Gratitude (Sunday), if you attended one of those ceremonies and experience cold-like symptoms, do stay at home and join us on Zoom instead.

This Saturday, November 25, John-sensei will give teisho on Taking the Precepts (Jukai) in the morning and lead the ceremony in the afternoon, while Dhara-sensei recuperates at Chapin Mill.

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Center – Thursday, November 23

It’s never too late to sign up for our annual Thanksgiving dinner! To RSVP, please send a text to this year’s host, Bidu Kharel. Let her know what vegetarian (or vegan) dish you plan on bringing for the potluck meal. Regarding what to bring, we recommend something savory (e.g., an entrée or salad), whether homemade or store-bought. Dinner begins at 4 pm in the dining room at Arnold Park, but you’re welcome to come by earlier in the afternoon (say, from 1 pm on) to socialize.

Taking the Precepts (Jukai) – Saturday, November 25

The ceremony begins at 5 pm in the Buddha Hall. Of course, the zendo is always open to do some informal sitting prior to the ceremony. Those participating online are likewise welcome to sign into Zoom zendo early to sit with others. For the benefit of those who haven’t done the ceremony before, don’t shy away from it because you think you’re not “ready” for it. Each of us practices from where we are.

At the fall Jukai ceremony, Sangha members have an opportunity to give a monetary gift of gratitude to the teacher leading it. Cash is recommended for reasons of anonymity, and there will be envelopes available in the Link on the day of the ceremony. If you do use a check, please make it payable to “John Pulleyn,” not “Rochester Zen Center,” as the offering is a personal gift and not a tax-deductible donation to the Center. You can also use John-sensei’s personal PayPal account (Sensei’s PayPal account is

Morning Sitting on Sunday, November 26

Unlike previous Jukai weekends, there will be a regular morning sitting (no teisho or talk) next Sunday. We’ll sit for three 30-minute rounds with kinhin, plus chanting. As usual, Sundays are broadcast on Zoom. Send an email to Jissai for the Zoom meeting ID and passcode.

Dining Room Table Up for Grabs

Local Sangha member Urzsula Sapeta has an “old style” wooden dining room table to give away. Measurements are 38” by 30” (height: 30”) but it can be made larger (includes two cross enforcing boards). If interested, give her a call or send an email.