The Summer 2023 Calendar Is Available here.

Saturday Dokusan, June 10, 10:00 am

Saturday-morning dokusans are offered to accommodate members who can’t make it to the regular dokusans held during the week. To participate, take a seat on the left side of the Arnold Park zendo, near the Kannon Room, any time before 10:00 am. An announcement will be made before dokusan with John-sensei begins.

Joining the 7-day Sesshin on Zoom (June 10 – 17)

While sesshin is underway at Chapin Mill, you can still join the in-person sittings at Arnold Park. Refer to the weekly schedule here for the days and times. (Chanting, dokusan, and Private Instruction are not offered at Arnold Park sittings during sesshin.)

The regular schedule for morning and evening Zoom sittings is suspended during sesshin. However, even if you’re not signed up for sesshin, you’re welcome to join any block of sitting (though without dokusan) in our usual Zoom room. If you do join us, please log on before a block begins or during kinhin to minimize distraction. Likewise, if you cannot stay for an entire block, leave during one of the kinhins whenever possible. The sesshin schedule is posted here.

Coming Soon: Chapin Mill Work Retreat, June 27 to July 1

Our annual four days of work, zazen, and country living begin with sitting on Tuesday evening and wraps up with lunch on Saturday. During the retreat we work together in caring for the buildings and grounds – and at the same time intensify our meditation practice and enjoy the beauty of Chapin Mill.

Please consider pitching in for this once-a-year event held in honor of Ralph Chapin, who donated his country estate to the Center back in 1996.

You’re invited to come for all or part of the retreat, and there’s plenty of space to stay overnight. Simply complete the Chapin Mill Work Retreat Form to let us know when you’d like to come, any physical limitations you have, and skills you’d like to contribute. There’s no fee but donations for food are welcome (suggested donation: $20/day). Pictures from previous work retreats are in the Photo Gallery, and here is the work retreat schedule.

Help Wanted, from Seema Khaneja

Dear Sangha members, 

My family and I have been members of the RZC for over 20 years. I moved my elderly parents from NYC to live with me in Rochester about a year ago. My dad is 85 and has been diagnosed with dementia, and my mom is 82 and has arthritis, but otherwise is fairly independent. We are looking for paid helpers in caretaking as well as cleaning/housekeeping. 

We have a part-time helper, but need more help to support us at this stage. If you feel this is something you want to help us with, please contact me directly to discuss it further.