Given the recent interest in anti-racist practice within the Sangha and beyond, Seeing Through Racism would like to offer the suggestion of incorporating anti-racist practices into the upcoming Term Intensive. Anti-racist practices can be a way to cultivate racial awareness burning, engage in self-reflection and tailor anti-racist practice to one’s daily life. Commitments made by individuals may also serve as small steps toward normalizing the presence of anti-racist practice within the broader Zen Center context.

Examples of Anti-racist Practices for the TI

  • Look at your bookshelf and music and podcast library. Notice whether you have books / music / podcasts by people of color.
  • Research (Google is a great first step) local anti-racist organizations in your community and find one you feel an affinity with, that you might be interested in volunteering with.
  • When you’re in public, shared space (for example, on a walk within your neighborhood, at a park, at a grocery store), make a practice of noticing how you move through space relative to others. Are there certain types of people you automatically make space for? Who do you unconsciously assume will make space for you?
  • Have a conversation with someone of your own race (perhaps someone close to you) about racial conditioning or habits.
  • Find something on the provided shortlist of anti-racist reading / viewing / listening suggestions and commit to reading / watching / listening to it and reflecting.
  • Are there any local anti-racist organizations you can donate to? Set aside some money and make a financial contribution.
  • If you cook, find a new recipe from the African diaspora and try it out.