The Zen Center’s Board of Trustees provides oversight of the Center’s business and financial operations as well as a sounding board for the Center’s Spiritual co-Directors, Roshi Kjolhede and Sensei Pulleyn. The board consists of six trustees, three of whom are elected by the Center’s membership, two of whom are elected by the trustees, and one who is appointed by the Spiritual co-Directors.

Officers of the Zen Center include two co-presidents, a vice-president, secretary, assistant secretary, and treasurer, all of whom are elected by the Board of Trustees.

You may contact the Center’s trustees and officers by sending an email message (

Trustees and Officers

(pictured above: front row, from left to right)

Sensei John Pulleyn (Honorary Trustee and Co-President)

Archie Pulleyn (dog)

Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede (Honorary Trustee and Co-President)

Sensei Gerardo Gally (Trustee)

(back row, from left to right)

Jonathan Hager (Trustee and Board Chair)

Jeanette Prince-Cherry (Vice-President)

Luka Häkkilä (Trustee)

Donna Kowal (Assistant Secretary and Chapin Mill Head of Zendo)

Rebecca Gilbert (Trustee)

Tom Roberts (Trustee)

Barry Keesan (Treasurer)

Scott Jennings (Secretary and Business Manager)

Ven. Trueman Taylor (Arnold Park Head of Zendo)

Chris Pulleyn (Trustee Emerita)

Dené Redding (Trustee)


Trustee Responsibilities