In person sesshins have resumed at Chapin Mill. However, we are continuing to offer the opportunity to participate in sesshin via Zoom, with a live feed from the Chapin Mill zendo.  Here is the daily sesshin schedule.


Just apply in the usual way, indicating that you wish to attend on Zoom. If you plan to attend part time, note which blocks you’re signing up for. 


Once you’ve registered for one or more of the four main blocks, you’ll be expected to be present from beginning to end. This will give some fiber to our online efforts. If you know before sesshin that you’ll have to miss a bit of the schedule, due to an appointment, for example, indicate that in your sesshin application. And if after sesshin has begun you find that due to unforeseen circumstances you have to miss one or more rounds of a block for which you signed up, please notify the designated online monitor as soon as possible.


We ask that those who wish to be eligible for dokusan attend at least two of the four blocks of sitting.


For Zoom sesshin we leave it up to each participant to contribute whatever they can afford. The Center could very much use an infusion of revenue to help compensate for the cancellations of sesshin and rental retreats at Chapin Mill, but then many members will also feel financially strapped. So just give what you can afford.