If you have not already included your travel information on your sesshin application, contact the Center’s receptionist by e-mail as soon as possible after sesshin decisions are made (after 2:30 pm the day after the deadline) to provide your arrival and departure information, including your flight number.

If you are arriving a day or more before the day sesshin starts, please arrive before 8 pm if you would like to be picked up at the airport. If arriving later than 8 pm, please take a taxi to the Center (about $25) and make sure you know the code to get in the back door.

People arriving at the Rochester airport on the day sesshin starts will be contacted by the receptionist about pickup arrangements. Make sure that your flight will arrive in Rochester before 3:30 pm on the day sesshin starts; if you arrive later than 3:30, you may need to make your own arrangements for transportation to Chapin Mill.

Please wait for your ride in the lower (baggage claim) level at the information/visitor area. The suggested donation (per person) for a ride to or from Chapin Mill is $5, to be given to the driver to help defray expenses.

If you are flying out of Rochester on the day that sesshin ends, please schedule a departure after 4pm. Those taking earlier flights may need to make their own arrangements for transport from Chapin Mill to the airport.