Saturday Sangha Check-in

Don’t forget that if you’d like to do some in-person Sangha socializing tomorrow, Saturday, September 5, you can come to the Arnold Park garden at 1:00 or so (enter through the gate in the parking lot). It will be something of an experiment: BYO sandwich (if you’d like), keep at least six feet from others while chatting, and bear in mind that the buildings (including bathrooms) are off-limits…. Will it work? Let’s see!

Also on Saturday:

Finding Your Seat continues – every Saturday – from 11:00 to noon. Anyone is welcome to participate on any given Saturday.

The Seeing Through Racism book club continues its reading of Ruth King’s Mindful of Race from 3:30-4:30 PM EDT. Contact Donna Kowal at if you’d like to join in.

Labor Day Weekend

The Center’s audio livestream, broadcast from Arnold Park, will be off from Sunday September 6 through Tuesday September 8; staff will be on break, so there will be no formal sittings. The Zoom sittings, however, will continue during that period with the regular schedule. Hope you can join us!

Seeking an Apartment

Our deeply felt condolences to Sangha member Lorraine Gluck, whose husband, Paul, died last week. Lorraine currently lives in Florida and is seeking an apartment in Rochester in proximity to the Zen Center and Cobbs Hill (where her daughter lives). If the apartment is in a house, she is requesting a private entrance. If you have any leads, you can contact her son David at 585-297-7913.

Thanks for Your Donations

Particularly in this difficult time when many are experiencing financial difficulties because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we very much appreciate all donations – large or small – to the Center, which depends on its members for most of its financial support. During the past several months we haven’t been able to send the usual e-mail acknowledgements for the donations we’ve received, but we’ve now started doing so again. In January we’ll also send every donor a formal tax-substantiation letter detailing his or her contributions for 2020. Once again, thanks for your support!