Tri-state Weekend Intensive

In recent years Roshi has gone to Cleveland to conduct an annual Weekend Intensive at the house of the Cleveland Zazen Group, joined by a contingent from the Louisville Zen Center. The same sesshin-lite event will take place this weekend via Zoom, but to keep things simple for those managing the WI, especially, it will be limited mostly to members of the CZG and the LZC.

All members may apply to the October 5-day online sesshin, which starts a week from today.

Fall Term Intensive, October 8 – November 5

This fall’s Term Intensive will kick off on Thursday evening, October 8, and run for four weeks, ending on November 5, just before the November sesshin. Details will follow regarding the logistics of an online TI, but in the meantime you can check out the description on the website here and sign up.