Fall Back This Weekend

Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 am on Sunday morning, November 3. We get back the hour that was taken from us in the Spring. Use it well!

Vote Early or Vote Tuesday

Here in Rochester, local elections will be held next Tuesday, November 5, with early voting already underway. Since turnout for local elections is typically light, every vote has more of an impact than for other elections. So don’t miss your chance to affect the outcomes. Here’s the list of polling locations and hours, which vary day-to-day in an effort to accommodate as many voters as possible.

One of the major issues on the ballot (in the City, at least, and hidden on the back of the ballot itself) is whether to establish a Police Accountability Board as an independent entity to review instances of excessive police violence against civilians. Last May the Rochester City Council unanimously approved creation of the Board, and the measure now goes before the voters. The issue of police violence disproportionately affects Black community members, so this is a way that we can all contribute to the overall safety of Black Rochesterians and other people of color.