Bodhidharma Day (Tuesday, October 8)

Next week, on Tuesday, the zendo and adjoining areas will be set up for the annual ceremony honoring Bodhidharma, the “bearded barbarian” who founded Zen in China. We’ll sit for two short rounds, and the ceremony will follow (no private instruction or group instruction that night). Beginners: Come check out this ceremony, one of our most dramatic of the year.

Three-Week Term Intensive

We’ll begin our annual Fall Term Intensive next Thursday, October 10. Instructions and forms are available here, or you can pick them up at the Center in the Link. It’s a 3-week sprint (the Winter TI, our longer run, lasts five weeks), and a great way to push the envelope in weekly zazen and its supporting disciplines.

Roshi at Duke University Next Weekend: Celebrating the PK Archives

Having taken ownership of the entire collection of Roshi Kapleau’s papers, Duke University’s Rubenstein Library will formalize the installation of that gift at a symposium next weekend, October 12-13. Bodhin-roshi will be among the speakers present to celebrate the event. More information is posted on the Duke University website here.

Finding Your Seat: “Zen 101 for Beginners”

After a one-month hiatus, Finding Your Seat is back, beginning on Saturday, October 12. Come and check in with a senior student and talk practice. It’s a great opportunity to raise questions or concerns in an informal setting, with 20 minutes of zazen to anchor it. There will also be a Finding-Your-Seat session on each of the next three Saturdays, from 11:00 am to noon, in the Center’s Community Space, behind 7 Arnold Park. If you’re not sure where that is, just come through the front door and someone will direct you there.