Joining the 5-day Sesshin (October 2-7)

The regular schedule of Zoom sittings is cancelled during sesshin. However, a reminder for people who are not attending sesshin: you are welcome to join any parts of the sesshin (though without dokusan). If you do join, please enter before the block of sitting begins or during a kinhin so as to minimize distraction. Likewise, if you cannot stay for the entire block of sitting, exit Zoom during one of the kinhins whenever possible. Here is the schedule so you know what times to enter and exit (the rounds are 35-minutes long with a 7-minute kinhin in between). If you need information about how to join in using Zoom, contact Trueman Taylor at Note: the sesshin (including teishos) will NOT be broadcast on the Center’s audio-livestream, but will be streamed on Zoom only.

The regular Zoom sittings will resume Thursday morning, October 8, followed by the first Term Intensive meeting at 8:00 that evening.

Finding You Seat

FYS is cancelled Saturday, October 3, because of sesshin. It will resume on Saturday, October 10, 11:00 to noon.