Audrey’s Funeral

In planning for the funeral of Audrey Fernandez at 11 a.m. this Sunday, October 14, we need to make our best guess as to how many to expect, which is hard to know since the funeral is open to the public. We will be putting many chairs in the Buddha Hall, but since the funeral includes chanting, we will also want to set up mats, assuming most Sangha members will prefer to chant on mats. The mats will be laid out in one or two sections, to consolidate the chanting.

If you plan to attend on Sunday, please RSVP to to help us estimate how many chanters to provide for, and then take one of the mat seats if you’re comfortable chanting in our usual way.

For those who can’t make it here, we will stream an audio feed of the ceremony on the Center’s website at

Sunday Parking

Parking for the funeral on Sunday might also be challenging. Since it starts in the late-morning, attendees will have to compete for parking spaces with our near-neighboring churches. But know that parking on East Avenue is always legal on weekends.

Above all, don’t EVER park on Sundays in the lot of our next-door neighbor, the Lutheran Church of the Incarnate Word. They generously allow our members to park there for most of our morning and evening sittings, but not on Sundays, when their members need every square foot of that lot.