Tonight Is Temple Night

Beginning around 7:00 this evening (Friday, November 23), you’re invited to join in our twice-a-year informal sitting in the Buddha Hall (right behind 5 Arnold Park). You are free to sit anywhere (moving your mat as you wish) and to make prostrations and offer incense at any of the altars, as you wish.

You can sit late into the night if you like after the formal end of Temple Night. These late hours of Temple Night can be an especially fine time for zazen.

And Tomorrow Is Jukai

Tomorrow’s activities begin with zazen at 8:30 am followed by Roshi’s teisho on the precepts. In the afternoon we’ll have Jukai (the ceremony taking of the precepts) as we do each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

If this will be your first time receiving the precepts, or if it’s been a while, here’s a rough outline of what to expect: The ceremony begins around 5 pm in the Buddha Hall, but you’re welcome to come early if you like and sit in the Arnold Park zendo (anything you’re able to do ahead of time to slow down and clear the mind will help make Jukai more meaningful). A bit ahead of time, we’ll begin sending people out to the Buddha Hall. Once there, you’ll be directed down the center aisle to make a monetary offering (for the teacher), to do a prostration at the altar, and then to take your seat. When everyone is seated, Roshi will enter, we’ll chant the Prajña Paramita, and then Roshi will lead everyone through the Sixteen Precepts. The ceremony itself takes a little more than half an hour, and afterwards we’ll have tea in the Link.

Jukai Donation to Teacher

In keeping with long tradition, the Jukai ceremony includes a chance for participants to offer a personal donation to Roshi as the officiant (not to the Zen Center). Even a token amount is fine. Cash is preferred in order to maintain anonymity. This helps ensure that no one will feel any pressure to give more than he or she is comfortable with. (If you do write a check, please make it payable to Bodhin Kjolhede, rather than to the Center.)

Buddha’s Enlightenment Ceremony

In six days (Thursday, November 29), we’ll hold the annual ceremony that commemorates the Buddha’s great Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, complete with sutra reading, chanting, and warm milk-rice in the candle-lit dining room. Sitting begins at 7 pm, and the ceremony will follow at 8:00. Don’t miss this one!

Calendar for the First Quarter of 2019

We’ve finalized the calendar for the first three months of the New Year. If you’d like a copy, pick one up in the Link or download it here.