Zoom Sitting Miscellanea

A few participants in the morning Zoom sittings have generic labels at the edge of their screens (e.g., “Galaxy S10”) instead of their names, and the view of the sitter may be such that other participants can’t tell who it is. Changing that label to your name would identify you, enabling your fellow sitters to more personally appreciate your efforts. Here are instructions for people to edit their names in Zoom:

  1. Tap on the Participants icon at the top or bottom of the screen;
  2. Tap on your name;
  3. Select Rename;
  4. Enter your name;
  5. Select Done.

For the evening Zoom sittings (Saturday, Sunday, & Wednesday, 5:30 – 6:30), if you’d like to chat and reconnect with others, get on early (approximately 5:15 pm), and chances are the Zoom host will be there to receive you. At 5:25, everyone will then be muted, to settle into the one-hour round of zazen. When everyone gets unmuted, at 6:30, after the Four Vows, conversations are again welcome, and usually there are a few who do hang out for a while.

Finding Your Seat’s (FYS) Official Meeting Room

There was a mistake posted in last week’s Sangha email regarding FYS. Finding Your Seat does have its own meeting ID (845-9292-9053) and easy-to-remember password (FYS101). So don’t use the ID and password for the morning and evening Zoom sittings.