No Dokusan Thursday Night

The next dokusan will be Monday, May 21.

All-day Sitting, Sunday, May 20

There’s no better way to get your feet wet in extended sitting than at an all-day sitting. For beginners it’s a step beyond the 7-9 pm evening sittings at the Center – a chance to push the envelope and find deeper resources to draw from. Although the schedule of sitting is not that of a full sesshin day, it offers a transition toward a 2-day sesshin. Longer-time Center members who’ve attended an all-day sitting sometimes report that it kick-started their practice. But whatever your level of experience in Zen, you can consider the several hours of sitting something of a weight-loss program – a dropping of the burden of unwanted thoughts and concerns, an en-lightening.

6:15 am             Zazen

7:30                  Breakfast (Center will provide)

8:30                  Zazen & chanting

~10:30              Brunch

11:00                Zazen

12:50                Lunch break (bring your own)

1:30-3:00           Zazen, ending with The Four Vows

Book Club, Sunday, May 20

One last reminder: the Book Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the Center’s Community Room. They’ll be finishing Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. Anyone is welcome even if they don’t have time to read the whole book. Snacks provided.

New Website!

After months of toil, the Center’s website has a new look and design:

Special thanks to Sangha member Anna Belle Leiserson who pushed us to make our website mobile-friendly and who did the programming to make that happen. We’ve already heard from members who’ve come across the new site: lots of nice reviews and lots of good feedback. Take a look on your various devices and let us know what you think.

Rakusu Reminders

If you’re planning to sew a rakusu in time for Buddha’s Birthday and Jukai, please get it to Sudama by Wednesday, May 23. You’ll also want to set a time to meet with Roshi and settle on a Dharma name. Call John at the Center if you have questions, and see Sudama if you need last minute sewing tips.

T-shirts for a Good Cause

Center Friend Elaine Heveron asked us to pass this on to the Sangha:

Carole Walsh, who sat with Roshi Kapleau in Florida, is the leader of a meditation group down there that Elaine sits with. Carole is struggling now with cancer, cancer treatment, and the associated expense. If you’re in the market this summer for Zen-themed T-shirts, take a look at her Zen Tees website: