Daylight Saving Time, Sunday, March 11

A reminder that when you wake up Sunday morning, we will have “sprung ahead,” giving back that hour we gained in the fall. Hope to see you anyway for sitting and teisho, beginning at 8:30.

6-Week Program for Beginners to Zazen

We’re going to experiment with a new weekly version of our Finding-Your-Seat program beginning Saturday, March 17, and ending Saturday, April 21. Besides answering questions and offering help with getting traction in Zen practice, each meeting will include a short period of zazen. We’ll begin at 11 and finish up at noon. Anyone who wants to work at getting the habit of daily sitting established is welcome to attend, and we’ll be inviting everyone who comes to the March 10 Introductory Workshop. More details to come.

Silver and Gold

The Center is looking for someone who can give an appraisal of a gold ring with gems, left to the Center by Ruth Kunz, as well as a silver coin.