Chapin Mill Work Retreat: Next Tuesday Evening through Lunch on Saturday

Here’s a link to the schedule for the work retreat, including additional information such as private instruction (daisan) and dokusan evenings: Roshi will give dokusan at Arnold Park on Monday evening, June 24, and then, on Tuesday, we’ll move our operations to Chapin Mill for the balance of the week.

You can still sign up! In fact, you can e-mail John ( during the retreat if a day opens up for you. You’re also welcome to drive out for sittings (there’s one every evening), or you can sit at Arnold Park with the one or two staff who stay back to “mind the store.”

Seeing-through-Racism Meeting

The next Seeing-through-Racism meeting will happen after the scheduled sitting on Sunday, June 30. The sitting ends around 10:15 am, and the group will get together about 20 minutes later.